Conveyancing Pack

We cover the following aspects of purchasing a property in Spain to give you complete peace of mind:

+ Private law

+ General advice to minimise tax an inheritance problems.

+ Advice about declared values.

+ Advice on liability to taxes and other expenses in connection with purchase.

+ Arranging power of attorney in case you need it.

+ Setting up a Spanish bank account.

+ Preparing NIE application.

+ Obtaining proof of ownership from seller.

+ Where appropriate obtain proof of planning status from seller.

+ Where appropriate obtain documents about condominium or community of property owners.

+ Land Registry check to establish current ownership.

+ Checking that property is free from debts and charges.

+ Checking that property is sold free of mortgages, charges and debts.

+ Check any planning permission and licences.

+ Check property benefits from all necessary guarantees.

+ Drafting a contract of sale or approving a contract supplied by the seller.

+ Examining all of the documentation supplied to us.

+ Pointing out any problems shown by the supplied documentation.

+ Pointing out any further enquiries we think you should ask to the seller.

+ Preparing a full report setting out the results of any of your enquiries.

+ Arranging local bank mortgages offers, in case you need it.

+ Arranging the completion of the purchase by the signing of the necessary final contract/deed.

+ Arranging for the payment of the fees and taxes due in respect of purchase.

+ Arranging for the registration of the title deeds at the Land Registry.

+ Receiving the registered title deeds from the Land Registry and checking it before forwarding to you.

+ Liaison throughout with agents, seller/buyer solicitors, public notary, tax office and land registry.

+ Your property purchase will be fully insured with a professional insurance indemnity insurance granted by CASER SEGUROS, SA.

+ Included after completion, 1 years free of Ross Legal Insurance (750€ valued), please visit the section for further information.

We have the most complete conveyancing service pack in the area.