• Legal Insurance

    > 24 Hours Emergency Mobile Phone.
    > Free advice and guidance of any legal, fiscal & tax matter without limitation.

Legal Insurance

We are the only legal company offering a special insurance for those foreigners that own a property in Spain and don´t have serious legal problems but may need legal & tax assistance or advice from time to time and not wanting to spend large amounts on solicitors fees.

For an annual fee of 750 euros any person could be protected with Ross Legal Insurance, and have access for free to all the services we offer.

This service will give you peace of mind because you and your family will have the security of knowing that several experienced solicitors, tax advicers and assistants are behind you all the time, looking after your interest and sorting any type of legal, day by day issue you could have in Spain.

Ross Legal Insurance offers you:

+ Free advice and guidance of any legal, fiscal & tax matter without limitation.

+ Property Maintenance and Key holders.

+ Possibility of meeting us any time in our offices.

+ 24 Hours Emergency Mobile Phone.

+ No fees for carrying out small legal-fiscal works.

+ No fees for carrying any date by date issues.

+ Current information by E mail of any change of legislation or notice of interest regarding nonresidents or foreigners regulations.

+ Priority and personal attention at all times.

+ 50% off in our standards fees for carrying out Court Actions.

+ Fiscal Representation (You are liable of these annual taxes everyyear once you buy a spanish property)

1 Wealth TAX
2 Annual Income TAX
3 Real Estate TAX

This insurance is just offered to those clients who had contracted our conveyancing pack service.

We are offering one years free of Ross Legal Insurance for new conveyancing clients.