Fiscal, tax & Accountacy services

We aim to provide a complete Spanish Tax planning and advisory services wich are tailored to the needs of our English Speaking clients.

Our services includes:

+ If you have bought a property in Spain, we will assist you with the Wealth Tax, Annual Income Tax and Real Estat Tax, notice you are liable of these three taxes every year after completion.

+ Assistance in dealing with the Spanish Revenue

+ Tax Planning and problem solving

+ Explanation in simple terms of your tax liabilities in Spain

+ Personal annual tax returns, avoiding penalties

+ Guidance through the Spanish tax system

+ Calculation and minimisation of your tax bill without
breaking the law.

Once you own your property in Spain, every non residents are liable of three taxes every year:

Foreign income tax
Non-residents who own properties in Spain are liable of this tax, even in the case that there are no real incomes you are subject to this tax throw the base of 2% from the TOWN HALL values reference charging 25% of this 2 % as a sort of imaginary income.

For real incomes you could obtain in Spain, for example rental incomes you are liable to add these incomes in this tax.
The presentation of this tax expires on December the 31st of each year, after the expiration time a penalty interest will be charged.

In case you own more thant 1 property in Spain the expiration time will be june the 30th of each year.

Wealth tax
If you are not resident in Spain, you must pay Wealth Tax, which is applicable to all the assets you have in Spain.

Among these assets are real estate, bank accounts, stock shares, shares, bonds, and many other goods of a certain value. The rate of this tax is very low, even can be higher depending of the value of the assets.

This tax presentation expires on December the 31st of each year and half penalty interest for late presentations.

If you own more than 1 property in Spain the presentation will expire June 30th.

Real estate tax
This tax comes direct and specificlly from the Town Hall where your property it is based and will vary depending the area located, as well this covers the public services supliement, for example rubbish collection…

The IBI tax must be paid every year, in one payment to be made between September 15 and November 15.

If you own a property in Spain and you have not payed any taxes please contact us and we will give you an answer in less than 48 hours.